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How was our solar system created?

This video at YouTube shows "Astronomer Tom Fleming demonstrates how our solar system was created out of a molecular cloud. Taken from the show "FirstScience presents: The birth of the Earth" on" Fleming teaches astronomy to non-science majors at the University of Arizona, and is Associate Astronomer at the Steward Observatory. 


Science fiction?

The European Space Agency news portal reports on a new video aimed at students:

"Whether it's Star Trek USS Enterprise, or the iconic space station from 2001: A Space Odyssey, science fiction has always provided inspiration and ideas for the scientists and engineers that design and build real spacecraft.

The, at times, fine line between science fiction literature and the developments in real life space activities provides the backdrop to ESA's latest Space-in-Bytes video lesson release, titled 'Science fiction – science fact'. "

'Science fiction – science fact', and the previous Space-in-Bytes videos, are available for download in 12 ESA Member State languages. Watch the flash version of the video here, or download the QuickTime version here.

Photo from European Space Agency


A Different View of the Aurora Borealis

Astronaut Don Pettit created an astounding video using a sequence of still images he shot of the aurora borealis from the International Space Station.
"Watch this extraordinary video he created by stitching dozens of still photographs that he made of the aurora borealis while on his 161-day mission on what he calls simply 'Station.'" (link)

For more on Dr. Pettit and the Earth from space, visit DotEarth

This video is at YouTube (you won't see it in school).