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CERN Podcast

If you own an mp3 player, or can listen to audio on your computer, go to the CERN Podcast page and subscribe to the rss feed. You can also subscribe through iTunes.

What is CERN Podcast?

Take the biggest experiment in the history of the universe (well, this universe anyway). Take some well known people from all sorts of walks of life. Take a former keyboard player from D:Ream, now a physics professor. Mix them altogether for half an hour or so to serve up a cocktail of entertaining chat shows with a bit of particle physics thrown in. And you wouldn’t get that on Channel 4 would you?

The CERN Podcast photo stream is at this page on Flickr.

Listen to the September 30, 2008 podcast by cernpodcast

(direct link here)

Science and Politics

Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage and Didcot, visited CERN last spring. He had a Q&A with John Ellis on the physics being done at CERN, was shown around ATLAS and had a chat with Brian Cox about science, politics and UK science funding.