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Mars Web Cam

ESA: Mars rotation 12 Sep - 8 Oct 2007 (link) point us to this news story: "The Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) mounted on Mars Express was dormant after its first and only operational use in 2003. It is now back in action as the 'Mars Webcam', providing views of the Red Planet that are not obtainable from Earth." "The Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) is mounted on Mars Express, ESA's deep-space probe now orbiting the Red Planet." (link)

Students, teachers, scientists, photographers and the general public are invited to help us process the images, remove artefacts, increase sharpness and interpret what the images show. Read the details at this link.

ESA: First image of Mars volcanoes 23 Mar 2007

There's a gallery of images from the VMC at this page. "The VMC is not a scientific instrument per se and it was designed for relatively low-resolution, fixed-focus operation. Its images should therefore not be compared to those coming from other Mars Express instruments." (link) Photo on the right is the "First image of Mars volcanoes 23 Mar 2007" from ESA