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Follow the Space Shuttle Mission

Space Shuttle Discovery launched on Tuesday, 23 October 07 on a 10 day mission (return to Earth is scheduled for 6 November). It is the 120th Space Shuttle flight, delivering a new module to the Space Station. "The International Space Station continued its on-orbit expansion with the addition of the Harmony module. Harmony was attached to the station at 11:38 a.m. EDT Friday during STS-120’s first spacewalk. The addition of the Harmony module sets the stage for the arrival of new research laboratories from the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency during upcoming shuttle missions."- NASA

"Space station crew members, led by Commander Peggy Whitson, welcomed Discovery Commander Pam Melroy and her crew when they boarded the station.Whitson and Melroy are the first women in NASA history to lead two spacecraft at the same time." - VOA News

See the latests pictures and follow the progress of the flight on the Space Station page of the NASA site. Links on that page opens a flash animation virtual tour of the Space Station (see how the crew lives and works) and videos of each step of the mission.
The launch day video gallery is here.

NASA TV is providing live coverage STS-120, Discovery's mission to the International Space Station. You can also watch the NASA TV station with the NASA TV viewer, or by using a variety of other media formats (Quicktime, Real Player, etc). Click here for details.

NASA FACT: Discovery, first launched in 1984, is named for two famous sailing ships commanded by Henry Hudson and James Cook.