As you see from the post dates, this blog is no longer maintained.


Space Travel 101

This is a ThinkQuest site - created by students for students:

"Welcome Welcome to Space Travel 101: Fundamentals of Space Travel! Learning about space travel can be fun and educational. This website brings both of these elements together. The purpose of this site is to explain how space travel is possible and introduce missions that, despite the dangers, have continued to be conducted.

Here, you will learn the essentials of spacecraft and missions:
- Where a spacecraft gets energy
- How a spacecraft moves in space
- How astronauts can survive in space
- How a spacecraft re-enters Earth
- The dangers of space travels
- Different types of missions
- Different types of spacecraft

After you have explored all the topics of space travel, we invite you to our interact section. This section incorporates information from the site to test your knowledge of space travel. We have included games such as crossword puzzles, slide puzzles, word searches, and quizzes!"