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Sarepta is a special service provided for schools by the Norwegian Space Centre.

"SAREPTA is a space-related website for students and teachers in upper primary and secondary schools. SAREPTA offers resources for project tasks on weather and climate, ice in the Arctic, studies of ocean currents, Sun-Earth interaction, satellite navigation and satellite communication, as well as information on rockets, the International Space Station and space shuttles.

You find a wealth of factual articles, examples and suggestions for teaching and learning activities, links and not to forget a huge archive of actual satellite images. Access to the satellite images requires registration, and are largely granted members of the education community."

When you come to a page where you must log in to continue (for example, to see the image libraries), our username is cdnpyp
and the password is cdnpyp

Sarepta is provided by the Norwegian Space Agency,
and National Centre for Space Related Education,