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Living and Working in Space
Go to this page on the Futures Channels web site. and watch the 4 minute interview with NASA Chief Mike Griffin.

The Futures Channel is from the USA, "with the goal of using new media technologies to create a channel between the scientists, engineers, explorers and visionaries who are shaping the future, and today’s learners who will one day succeed them."

As you watch the interview, consider Dr. Griffin's viewpoint, and compare it to yours. What points do you agree with him on, and what questions might you put to him, if you could? Read down the page under the video player, and explore the links that interest you. Although the site is designed for Middle and Hight School kids, I think there is a lot here for curious Year 6 kids, too.

If you want to know more about Dr. Griffin, and what he studied in school, read his biography.