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Google Earth + Sky
The Google Earth Blog is full of news
about the new release of Google Earth
(4.2 Beta), which includes a way to look
at the sky above the Earth.

From the blog:

"Google has released a number of resources to help show off the new Sky feature:
There is a
a new web page devoted to the new Sky feature, A link to more information
about the sources of the imagery (which include NASA, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,
and the Digital Sky Survey Consortium),
a video showing the Sky application in action.
oday's GE Gallery has six new interesting new tours designed to show off the new
of Sky. I particularly like the one showing the locations of all the new
extra-solar planets, and the one showing an animation of a star exploding.

Here is the video from the Google Earth Blog, (posted on YouTube).

"This video demonstrates the new "Sky" feature of Google Earth
4.2 just released on August 22, 2007.
It lets you look up at the night sky and zoom in on photographs
taken by powerful telescopes like the
Hubble Space Telescope. It also provides placemarks to cool
things you can see in the universe."

In it's story about the new Google Sky, the BBC writes:

Sky is not the first time Google has ventured into space.

In March 2006, the company launched Google Mars which allows users to explore the surface of the Red Planet.

Another service, Google Moon, lets users view the sites of the Apollo moon landings.

Both services use data from the US Space Agency Nasa, with which Google signed an agreement in December 2006."

Update 5 September 07: If you go to, and search for "google sky" , you will find about 180 videos about the site, including short tutorials about how to use it.

This one is from the Weather Channel: